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R 28 Menstrual Disorder Drops

R 28 Menstrual Disorder Drops

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  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Amenorrhea.
  • Acts on the unstriped muscular fibres.
  • Conditions of exhaustion due to loss of blood.
  • Flushes of heat followed by perspiration.
  • Dull pains across the small of the back.

Product Description

Acid sulf: Bleedings of any type, flushes of heat followed by perspiration. Exhaustion, weariness.

Crocus: Menstrual blood is dark or black, clotty. Feeling of something moving around in abdomen, without abortion. Ferrum phosph.: Acts energetically on the blood circulation, excellent in dilatation of the veins.

Hamamelis: Indicated in hemorrhage, influences especially the veins.Headaches. Dark coloured blood, sensation of pain in the affected parts. Exhaustion caused by loss of blood.

Secale cornutum: Acts mainly on the unstriped muscular fibres; congestion, distress and uterine prolapsus. Primary effect upon contraction, secondary effect produces dilatation of unstriped muscular fibres.


According to the graveness, 4-6 times a day 10-15 drops in some water before meals. After improvement, reduce the dose to 3 times daily 10 drops.Even after complete recovery, take the medicine for a longer period of time.It will be advisable to take 5-10 drops twice daily (morning and night), for about 8 days before the next menstruation is due.


22-ml in each bottle


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